About Us


Why Choose Us

Our mission is to serve our community by using our healing gifts, education and experience to create wellbeing throughout our community. We love treating and specializing our therapies to improve the physical abilities of the active clientele in our community, while also striving to reduce injuries and increase performance through maintenance care, non-invasive techniques and manual therapies.

  • We are all legally certified Medical Massage Practitioners, accredited by the LMT success group to perform Manual Therapy. LMT Success group is a certified provider recognized by the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy.

  • We will never use phrases such as “we can fix you.” We stand by our phrase, “Let’s see what we can do” because we know that the body is very complex and healing takes time. We will never attempt to solve any issue in a matter of minutes.

  • Every client is guaranteed to see their same practitioner

  • We DO NOT rush our time with you. Most sessions are 45 Minutes - 1 hour long

  • We are affordable

  • Most insurances with a doctor’s prescription will cover all or part of your treatments

  • We use tools in-house with our therapies that other practices are currently not using

  • We use new techniques and regimens not found elsewhere.Our main goal is to help create new muscle patterns as well as correct old ones that may be harmful

  • We refer out! If we see that there are bigger underlying issues, we will refer you to another professional in attempt to treat the whole body. We have a wonderful chiropractor and acupuncturist that will take our clients as soon as possible.

  • We will NEVER claim to be the only ones who can solely treat or help get your body back in balance

  • We put you first. You are all that matters when you come through our door

  • Our success rate is above 90% for chronic pain

  • All of our accreditations can be found on the state and other certified accredited websites

  • Our manual therapy sessions are performed clothes on

Meet the Practitioners


Megan Arndt

Medical Manual Therapy
Deep Tissue

NCLMBT #06862
MMP- Medical Massage Practitioner

Megan Arndt is a native of Catawba County, NC. She grew up in Claremont, and is a 2004 graduate of Bunker Hill High School. After high school she attend CVCC, and was introduced to the professional field of massage therapy. Midway through her education to becoming an occupational therapist, she felt a strong pull and desire to pursue the field of massage; and eventually left CVCC. She enrolled and attended Natural Touch School of Massage Therapy in Hickory, North Carolina. In October 2006 she graduated from the school and received her certificate completing 550 hours of education in the field of massage therapy. Megan then followed to become a North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist in December of 2006; after passing the state boards. For over a decade she has built a clientele and business around helping and healing others in the community, but with more chronic and pain-related cases continuously knocking at her door, she began to leave the “massage” way of thinking behind to look for more alternative solutions in pain management naturally. In the summer of 2017, after almost 2 years of shadowing in medical manual theories; she became certified as a Manual Practitioner. The course entailed some of the latest scientific techniques to correct unbalanced muscle memory patterns in the body; Ultimately having a success rate in pain management of 98%. In September 2017 Megan became certified after completion in the practitioner program, becoming a certified Medical Manual Practitioner in the field of massage. After completion she went back to her practice to continue her work, and was approached with an opportunity to create Lotus Massage & Bodyworks LLC. 

Outside of work Megan loves to rescue abandoned dogs, to help them find loving and forever home. She also stands with animal rights and activists on issues with providing animals with the best quality of life possible. She works to model a character of good stewardship to all that has been created. Megan is a lover to everything about the 80’s. She loves the music, movies, and memorabilia around that particular time period. Her faith is very important to her along with friends and family. During the summer she loves travel around the United States visiting theme parks as an American Roller Coster Enthusiasts. Megan is also a classic film connoisseur, with a huge heart for the Wizard of Oz. Creating Ruby Red Slippers in her free time. Writing, playing guitar, painting, and watching the Carolina Panthers is also things she enjoys to do. In the future she plans to spend a week in Washington state; fulfilling her ultimate bucket list dream of kayaking in the Pacific with killer whales. A vacation to Ireland is also a place she plans to visit. 


Marisa Fritz

Medical Manual Therapy
Deep Tissue

NCLMBT #16904
MMP- Medical Massage Practitioner

Marisa, a native of Buffalo, NY, moved to Hickory, NC with her husband after leaving her job as a graphic designer in Washington D.C. and completing a 2,189 mile hike of the entire Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to Maine. Those 5 1/2 months on the trail with her husband provided a lot of time to reflect on what was really important to her and allowed that lingering desire of being a massage therapist to surface. She has always had the aspiration to help people, and is no stranger to the aches and pains of an active lifestyle.
She grew up competing in gymnastics, running track and cross country, and playing field hockey and lacrosse, so it’s fair to say, she is familiar with the need to get the body back in working order! She believes our bodies are capable of amazing things and sometimes just need a helping hand to regain their balance.

Marisa graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design, and upon moving to Hickory, graduated from Maiden School of Massage and Bodywork Therapy in 2017 after completing 700 hours of study and hands-on practice in massage therapy. Shortly after graduation she passed her state exam and became licensed in Massage and Bodywork Therapy as well as become certified as a Medical Massage Practitioner after completing the practitioner program in November 2017.

In her spare time, Marisa enjoys running, hiking, backpacking and simply being outdoors. She and her husband love to cook and live a healthy lifestyle, and can often be found giving forced cuddles to her cat Dexter. 


Kristina Medford

Skin Therapy

NCLE #E16244
Holistic Skin Therapy

Kristina, a south Florida native, recently moved to Hickory from upstate New York. Kristina graduated from the Aveda Institute of Chapel Hill in 2014 after completing 600 hours of education and hands-on clinics in esthetics. She combines her passion for skin care and holistic Ayurvedic training into every treatment. Hand crafting whole-plant skincare products based on modern herbalism, she is committed to curating only the purest products for every guest.

Outside of work, Kristina enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband John and two dogs. She loves crafts and is mildly obsessed with tending to her many house plants.  


Ashley Mullis

Deep Tissue
Bamboo Therapy

NCLMBT #17352

Prior to moving to NC in 2000 with her family, Ashley lived in Western NY.After living all over NC, her and her family settled in Newton 7 years ago.

Even from a young age Ashley had an interest in massage and would try to relieve friends and families tight muscles. In 2017, Ashley graduated Maiden School of massage and bodywork therapy, after having completed 700 hours of study and hands-on clinics. After passing her State exam Ashley has enjoyed assisting her clients with the knowledge and experience she has gained through her Swedish and Deep-Tissue Messages. Not only does Ashley specialize in relaxing therapeutic massage, but her desire is to utilize her skills and knowledge to relieve her clients aches and pain to better their everyday life. Ashley continues to grow as a massage therapist in search for the best ways to benefit her clients, she is currently certified in Bamboo massage, Gau Sha, Cupping and reflexology with intentions to strive for even more to deliver the best possible experience for her clients.   

When she’s not at work Ashley enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, camping, road trips, even just sitting on her back porch with her husband 2 cats and 1 dog.